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Need allergen-free prescription medications
How much does compounding cost?
In Pain?
Hormones out of balance?
Skin treatments to match your needs

Need allergen-free prescription medications?

We can compound preservative, dye free & allergen free medications – formulated to leave out the problem ingredients.

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How much does compounding cost?

Each compounded medication is unique to you, but in general:

  • Capsules – From $40
  • Suspensions – From $30
  • Health fund rebates may apply
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In Pain?

Transdermal creams & gels can assist manage chronic or acute pain without the side effects of tablets.

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Hormones out of balance?

Our compounding pharmacists create traditional & bio-identical HRT, as well as TRT to bring you back into balance.

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Skin treatments to match your needs

We specialise in cosmeceuticals and dermatology compounding blends to suit your particular skin needs

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Order a compound online Easy, Secure, Convenient!

Submit a request with a copy of your prescription.
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You can choose to pick up your custom medication or have it delivered to your door.

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Posted on 5 May 2016 by panayiota

Compounding Chemist serving patients Australia wide

The benefits of Pharmaceutical Compounding

Pharmaceutical Compounding has been in existence since time immemorial. In the times when pharmaceutical compounding was not mechanized and mass production of medicines did not exist. Compounding refers to the art of creating a pharmaceutical compound by mixing together the particular elements in order to provide the consumer with the necessary ingredients to suit their health requirements.

Pharmaceutical compounding takes its roots in ancient times when modern day medicine was a foreign concept to people. In those ancient times, people had little knowledge of medicine and used natural herbs and substances to cure illnesses and diseases. These very substances later evolved through years of extensive research and experimentation, into what we use today to make medicine. The ancient knowledge of these natural substances was learnt over a period of time and some uses of these substances are still in the process of being discovered.

When man harnessed the ability to use natural substances to cure ailments, he realised that there could be much more that lies undiscovered; this led to the search for gold and the fountain of youth, eventually leading to the start of alchemy. Alchemy in turn, is what led to what is now known as modern day pharmacy. The work of Compounding Chemists have since evolved and morphed into it’s existing form.

Compounding Medicine is usually undertaken for certain specific purposes -

  • It is important to consult Compounding Chemists when changing the form of the medication from a pill or tablet to a liquid consistency.
  • When treating patients with allergies to certain specific ingredient in the medication, a Compounding Chemist can remove that element from the medication altogether.
  • A Compounding Pharmacy can help to create the exact dose that is needed for the patients.
  • Compounding can help achieve the correct level of an active ingredient so that it works in the most efficient way.
  • Sometimes compounding can be undertaken in order to add flavors or alter the texture of the medication.
  • It is most useful for intravenous or parenteral medication. In such cases the compounding is done by pharmacists with the specialised equipment and special controls.

Whether the drug is intravenous or otherwise or when it is rare or routine, in the case of Compound Pharmacy the product is changed or created in a way that is specific to the needs of the individual patients. The mixing of ingredients in order to create a personalized medicine is what the art of chemical compounding is all about. It is the best way to focus on one particular ingredient for its medical benefits and to avoid any particular ingredients when a patient is allergic.

Getting the right kind of medicine from a good Compound Pharmacy is a great idea. Being able to consume the correct dosage of different ingredients to suit your specific needs while avoiding those that may be harmful to you specifically is one of the greatest advantages of a good Compounding Chemist. In some situations more than others, pharmaceutical compounding is very useful -

  • For patients who need small or limited doses and strengths of the medication, e.g. medication for infants.
  • For patients who release or absorb the medication in an abnormal manner
  • In cases where the patient requires a drug that has been discontinued in the market due to its low profitability or other reasons.
  • For patients who require medications that are free from allergens e.g. gluten or colored dyes
  • For patients who have trouble swallowing pills, compounding can help create a liquid form of the drug
  • In cases where the required drug is in shortage or is unavailable to the patients, drugs can be specially compounded.
  • For creating flavoured liquid drugs for children so that the medication tastes better.
  • In the case of veterinary medicine, in order to make them more easily administrable or to change the dosage of the medication or when a flavour needs to be added for the pets.

Doctors usually need to prescribe specific and individually compounded medication for people who have unique needs. Compounded medication is in great use for these unusual cases and in order to make the drug more easily administrable.

In recent times, there has been a great rise in the cost of compounding and a shortage of drugs. A number of medical establishments have turned towards large-scale Compounding Chemist Brisbane in order to meet their requirements, specifically sterile-injectable medications. These Compounding establishments cater to some of the most complicated medical requirements and custom make them to suit the needs of the patients.

Extempia Compounding Pharmacy is one of the best compounding services in Australia. Our team comprises of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced Compounding Chemist Gold Coast has seen. Compounded medications can take a number of forms in order to make the consumption of these medicines easier for the patients. Some of these forms are listed out below -

  • Capsules
  • Rapid dissolve Tablets
  • Troches
  • Lollipops
  • Oral or topical syringes
  • Popsicles
  • Suspensions, foams and solutions
  • Injectable medication
  • Eye drops
  • Gels, creams and ointments
  • Nasal drops and sprays
  • Suppositories and Pessaries
  • Oral rinses
  • Chewable tablets

There are many more forms that these specifically compounded medications can take. The helpful employees at Extempia Compounding Pharmacy can be contacted for all the details.

Pharmaceutical compounding covers the following broad categories of compounding -

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormonal imbalances are rapidly becoming one of the most common ailments today. With the rapidly changing lifestyles and schedules of our fast running lives, hormonal imbalances are bound to occur. As we get older too, our bodies begin to produce decreasing amounts of hormones, thus creating imbalances that cause sleeplessness, anxiety, weight gain, forgetfulness etc. In order to treat these hormonal imbalances efficiently, there is a need to create drugs, keeping in mind the specific needs of the patients.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for women

Women suffer a range of hormonal imbalances that can occur at any stage of life. These imbalances may cause hot flashes, vaginal dryness, fibro-cysts in the breasts or endometriosis. Doctors often prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy as a means of treating imbalance on hormones, symptoms of menopause and problems of conception. Sometimes these medications are also used during anti-ageing regimens. At Extempia our expert team can create gels, capsules, creams etc. to meet your specific needs.

Our compounding pharmacists can also create bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to suit your specific medical requirements. ‘Bio-identical hormones’ is a term referred to hormones that are produced in plants that are identical to those produced in the human body. These hormones may be derived from wild yams or soy etc. Many patients find that these bio-identical hormones cause them fewer allergies and side-effects than traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Thyroid Compounding

Under and over active thyroids can create debilitating health consequences. Traditional thyroid medications, while very effective, do not suit all people. Many people find compounded natural thyroid medications are better tolerated by their system. We work closely with your medical practitioner to compound thyroid extracts to help bring your body back into balance. Liquid iodine is also available when required.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for men

Men with hormonal imbalances may face erectile dysfunctions and problems of the prostate. Hormone Replacement Therapy for Males includes Testosterone Replacement therapy and DHEA therapy that can be administered using transdermal creams, and lotions. This is an effective solution for older men that face a deficiency of Androgens. DHEA is what your body utilizes to create its own hormones. This can be used for Hormone Replacement Therapy or for anti-ageing regimens. Our compounding pharmacists can create the correct dosages for Testosterone replacement therapy so that it suits your specific needs.

Cosmeceutical Compounding

Our lifestyles affect the condition of our skin. Age, anxiety, smoking and sun damage can all take a toll on the health of our skin. While it is impossible to undo the damage, measures can be taken to stop the damage from worsening. Many of the cosmetics that are available off the shelf contain harmful chemicals, dyes and perfumes that can cause an allergic reaction on your skin. Through the use of specifically compounded cosmetic products, you can eliminate these harmful ingredients and give your skin the best treatment.

Our specifically compounded cosmeceutical products are useful for -

  • Lightening skin tone
  • Anti-aging treatments
  • Dry, irritated skin
  • Acne prone and blemished skin
  • Reduction of inflammation and redness
  • Reduction of dark circles
  • Wrinkles, crows-feet and fine lines
  • Blotches on the skin
  • Treatment of Psoriasis and Eczema
  • Shrinking large pores
  • Scarred skin
  • Cracked heels
  • Fungus in the nails

There are a number of other skin ailments that can be treated through the use of pharmaceutical compounding while eliminating the dangers of harmful chemicals and allergens that may be present in cosmetic products.

Paedeatric Compounding

Most children do not like medicines. This is mainly due to large sizes of tablets and capsules, or bitter tasting medicines or the fear of needles. A lot of children are also highly allergic to certain ingredients in medicines like artificial dyes etc.

Through the use of pharmaceutical compounding these medicines for children can be made easier to take, better tasting and allergen free. Doses can be adjusted according to the size of the child and his/her medical requirements. The medical requirements of a child need to be handled with a lot of care because they are more susceptible to falling sick due to incorrect dosages etc.

Getting specifically created medications for children is a great idea especially when treating infants. Pharmaceutical chemists can help you create the correct dosage of medication and in a form that is easy for the infant to consume. At Extempia we are able to create medication in forms that may be desirable to children. We can make lollipops and popsicles that are candy flavoured and the kids will just love them.

Pain Management and muscle cramp products

We also specialize in creating creams for pain management and muscle relaxants. Laser procedures like hair removal or tattoo removal can be a very painful ordeal for most people to handle. Our numbing creams are more effective than any others that are available off the shelf. Pain numbing creams can make it much easier for you to handle these procedures.

We also create specialized gels, lotions and creams for providing relief during muscle cramps. These cramps can occur due to exertion, dehydration etc. Our Muscle relaxants are effective and efficient and available in many different forms. We also create creams that are tailor made for athletes in order to help muscle recovery before and after exercising.

Oral health compounding

Oral problems can be difficult to cure; especially sores and ulcers in the mouth that require you to keep them covered by medicine for long periods of times. At Extempia Compounding Pharmacy we can create special oral bandages that are palatable and can last for up to four hours in your mouth. These oral medications can be used to treat- mouth ulcers, cold sores, dry mouth, gingivitis, thrush and other such ailments of the mouth.

Sleep medication and snoring treatments

A good night’s sleep should not be all that difficult to achieve. For patients suffering with lack of sleep, or disturbed sleep, at Extempia Compounding Pharmacy we can create specific medication that will help you achieve that perfect amount of sleep at night. We also create snoring throat sprays for people who are sick of snoring through the night. You no longer need to be embarrassed of falling asleep in a public place. Say goodbye to snoring and say hello to that perfect night of sound sleep.

Pharmaceutical Compounding is a great way to make patient specific medication so that the person can be treated keeping in mind their requirements and their lack of tolerance for specific substances. At Extempia Compounding Pharmacy, our expert Compounding chemists can create for you, the particular blends of drugs that are needed to treat your unique conditions while making sure that you are kept out of harm’s way by avoiding allergens. We also create specific dosages of medication for children and create them in forms that the children will like.

  • Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia
  • The Pharmacy Guild of Australia
  • Quality Care Pharmacy Program